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Hi. I am Charlie, I am from Madison Wisconsin and I am cycling around the world. I do this slowly. I don't believe in speed. I believe in ecological technology. Cars and airplanes just don't do it for me. I don't know how long my tour will take me, but long enough :)

The Queenstown Hill

A car tourist from Melbourne asked me, “So where are you going?”

Meaning, today. Not “What are you going to achieve in your life”. Fwew!

Her sister and her dreadlocked friend seemed interested too, but they just nodded when I answered,
“Today I’ll shoot for Queenstown, and try to camp somewhere on the other side.”
I guess on their map it doesn’t look too far away. But she was quick to point out, “Oo there’s a big hill over that side of Queenstown. Good luck!”

And that was the first time of many that I was warned of the Queenstown “hill.” (more…)

Gettin stuff done.

In the morning I was surprised to see the river had risen two feet or more. Thanks to some lovely road engineer, however, my camp was nice and dry on top of a flattened pile of gravel.
The water was delicious, if a bit brown from the tannins. But just getting through the scrub to a clean-running spot on the bank to fill my jug was a risky maneuver for my injured leg. (more…)

Injury of the Western Explorer

The Western Explorer traverses a lovely, yet weather-swept landscape of button grass and scrubby little eucalypt trees. Imagine a grey sky over dripping, uneven clumps of grass, sodden bark, tons of happy frogs, and dozens of lively creeks and rivers. And occasionally, a breathtaking glimpse of that great wide Ocean to remind me where I am on the map. That is, seriously down under.

The Problem with Programs

West from Penguin, I traveled open.
My plan was to make a plan along the way.
I like looking at maps, and this map of Tasmania was showing a gravel track over 100 kms long called the “Western Explorer.” Say no more!
Along the North coast, it becomes impossible to miss a huge peninsular mountain called “the Nut.” How could I resist when the detour was only 20 kms?

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It was worth seeing up close.



The Pure Source

The tour was about to begin. For real begin, the next morning, rubber side down. I was unaccountably nervous. I couldn’t think straight. Just kept re-checking my gear. I couldn’t give attention to eating. Thankfully some other couch surfers put coffee and salad in front of me. But what’s the big deal? I’m a veteran, aren’t I? (more…)


Hi! I’m Charlie, and I like to travel by bicycle. These are my stories. There’s a lot of philosophy, adventure, and emotion on these pages; traveling by bicycle (and sailboat) has become my life. So please take a look around, and have fun! And please let me know what you think! Thanks! With Love and Joy, Charles I. Brigham IV [singlepic id=2194 w=150]

Change has come. Again.

Finally in Australia!
It was an amazing trip, and I’m sorry I can only offer a few photos right now. The story is, for me, attached to some pretty serious emotions.
Unfortunately, Lily and I separated pretty much upon our arrival. We are, to put it simply, very different people.
Fortunately, her family has been incredibly supportive of me. Not sure what I would’ve done without them! Probably just ran back to the USA with my tail between my legs. So thank you!
Instead I went out into the outback of Queensland and helped Carolyn, Lily’s sister, and their father Keith, on their cattle properties. There’s been a long drought here so it wasn’t easy, but the practical skills and peaceful country lifestyle suited me just fine.

Portal's track across the Pacific
Portal’s track across the Pacific
Sailing to Tahiti
Sailing to Tahiti

Garden cafe on Moorea
Garden cafe on Moorea

A typical yachtie barbecue in the Tuamotus
A typical yachtie barbecue in the Tuamotus

Visiting Yasur the volcano with Jess and Duncan
Visiting Yasur the volcano with Jess and Duncan

New Years in Sydney
New Years in Sydney

Portal at rest in the Brisbane River
Portal at rest in the Brisbane River

Pixel discovering what it's like to be a farm kitty
Pixel discovering what it’s like to be a farm kitty