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4 Comments on Photos: Tunisia

  1. Ahhh charlie pan i miss your kitty love and your beard and your bike which mine looks so much like now with its spokecard and brooks and bright handbar tape. damn that green is awesome! Looks like you found some happy riders, yay! keep living the dream mon amour!

  2. Charlie! I just opened your letter to me dated March. The post offices have been shut down here in Kashmir, India since June. It was only by great good fortune that it made it to me. I will treasure it. I am so very very happy you are fine and well, and rolling. Diane

  3. Charlie tes photos sont superbes j’adore.
    Je n’ai jamais été en Tunisie et ça m’a l’air très bien.
    J’espere que tu t’amuses bien.
    Je t’ai envoyé une lettre à ton adresse en égypte 🙂
    Take care.

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